How to Remove Last Table Row using JQuery

The following code uses jQuery, a popular JavaScript library, to remove the last row of an HTML table when a button is clicked. The code uses jQuery selectors and methods to target the specific button and table row, and remove it from the Document Object Model (DOM), effectively removing it from the webpage. This code is useful for dynamic tables that need to have rows removed based on user interaction.

$('#remove').on("click", function(){
$('#tableId tr:last').remove();

The code starts by using the $(‘#remove’) selector, which targets the button element with the ID of “remove”. The .on(“click”, function(){}) method is then used to attach a click event to the button. The function inside the .on(“click”, function(){}) method will be executed when the button is clicked.

The function uses the $(‘#tableId tr:last’) selector, which targets the last <tr> element within the table with the ID of “tableId”. The <tr> element is an HTML table row element, and it is used to define a row in an HTML table.

The .remove() method is then called on the selected element, which removes it from the DOM (Document Object Model). This means that the last row of the table with the ID “tableId” will be removed from the HTML document, and will no longer be displayed on the webpage.

It’s worth noting that, this code assumes that the table with the id “tableId” already exist on the page and the button with the id “remove” also exist on the page.